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Check-Up Schedule Vaccinations/Tests Due
(Laboratory Studies if Indicated)
3 to 5 days old Newborn Visit
2 week visit
1 month visit
2 month visit Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B, Polio), Prevnar 13, Hib, Rotarix
4 month visit Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B, Polio), Prevnar 13, Hib, Rotarix
6 month visit Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B, Polio), Prevnar 13
9 month visit Developmental Screening
12 month visit
(MUST be after 1st Birthday)
Hep A, MMR, Varicella
Hemoglobin & Lead Screening Assessment
15 month visit Hib, Prevnar, DTaP
18 month visit Hep A
2 year visit Development/Growth
30 month visit This visit is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for speech and developmental screenings
3 year visit
4 year visit
(MUST be after 4th Birthday)
Kinrix (DTap, Polio) & Proquad (MMR & Varicella)
Hearing & Vision
Urine Test
5 year visit Hearing, Vision & Urine
Annually from 6-18 years old Annual Hearing & Vision Screen, Urine Test.
TDap @ 11 y/o, HPV Series, Meningitis Vaccine.
Flu Vaccine available at 6 months and older
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